Baby Steps

Like a toddler trying to get a grasp on walking

I am struggling with putting one foot in front of the other

Frustrated with realizing where I want to be

Yet not being able to get there quick enough

– m.g. (theintrospectivepoet)


The End

I was never skilled at saying goodbyes

Which maybe explains why I strive to keep people alive

I refuse to let them convert into a mere memory

I seek their presence

Search for their scent in blossoming flowers

Their vibrant smiles in coffee swirls

Their cozy embrace in warm, fuzzy sweaters

I run along the trails they leave behind

Refusing to say it

Refusing to acknowledge it

Because the act of saying goodbye

Means the ceasing of existence

And I have never been fond of endings

m.g. (theintrospectivepoet)


I embarked on a journey to a destination flourishing with peace of mind, acceptance, and unconditional love

Upon it, I trod along trails with aspirations only to arrive at a land of disillusionment and betrayal

Looking back, I realized that on the way I invested myself into people who at the time seemed to be lending me a hand but really served as roadblocks

So now-

Now I begin a new journey of self-discovery

An adventure in which I learn to find peace of mind, acceptance, and unconditional love all within myself

~ m.g. (theintrospectivepoet)


Among a room crowded with people

I tiptoe my way to the empty corner

Trying to go unnoticed

Avoiding every pair of eyes trying to reach mine

As I tread along, I wonder

What parts of me are they looking at?

Do they see the anxiety that kicks in whenever I am in a new setting?

Or maybe my fear of opening up only to be let down?

Do they notice my struggle to accept the body I am in?

Or possibly they just see a girl walking to the other side of the room

And I am the one wondering what it is that I see in myself

m.g. (theintrospectivepoet)


I awake from a night’s slumber and turn to the other side of bed

Open up my eyes and notice you looking straight at me

You say “good morning, beautiful”

I blink once and the only thing left of you is your imprint on the bed sheets

I go to the kitchen

Prepare myself some breakfast

Take a seat at the dining room table and feel you reach for my hand

Your touch- so soft and so light

Causes my skin to tingle

I move my hand away and with that movement, yours goes away too

I walk back to my bedroom

Lay out the day’s outfit

Get dressed and look in the mirror

You sit on the edge of my bed and tell me “I love it when you wear that”

I spin around so you could have a better look but once I stop, you are no longer there

I grab my things and head out the door

Pick up my phone and direct myself to your contact name

Click on “new message” but quickly stop and get trapped in a haze

I look up and the tears won’t go away

As I remember that each morning is nothing but a replay of our past

And you are no longer a part of my days

– m.g. (theintrospectivepoet)


I want to immerse myself in a love so intense-

Feel as though I am falling through the clouds

Sense the thumping beats of my heart as I get closer to landing into your arms

I want to immerse myself in a love so authentic-

Discover all the locked doors of your being

And  witness you unravel your true self to me

I want to immerse myself in a love so honest-

We will be readers of each other’s secret book

Revealing parts of ourselves through every chapter

Baring nothing but truth

I want to immerse myself in a love so wonderful-

That when I come home after a long overwhelming day

And see your reassuring smile

It will infiltrate my body and make itself mine

No worry will be too grand

Because our intense, authentic, honest, and wonderful love

Will make everything so much better

– m.g. (theintrospectivepoet)






Many of us do not like dealing with realizations. Learning the truth about a particular situation in our life can be scary. I am one who is definitely not fond of finding out that something is not as it seems. I find much more comfort in tucking away the reality of things into a closet- one that remains sealed so reality will not spill out and drown me in unwanted truths. No matter how many locks I put on that closet door to try and keep it shut, though, the truth sooner or later comes out. Sometimes I am aware that it is about to be released so I try getting a head start on running away. Unfortunately, I am among one of the worst runners out there so you can already imagine that I am not victorious in my attempt at escaping.

Realizations are overwhelming, like a large wave that pulls you away from your fantasies- from believing that everything is okay, from believing that you are okay. They infiltrate the lungs like water and force to be acknowledged. You choke until you somehow manage to get a grasp of what is going on and struggle to catch your breathe again.

Once back to a more stable state, you have the chance to take in what you have been trying so hard to avoid. This is not always easy. The realizations leave you gasping and exhausted- but with just enough energy to gradually move forward.

Contrary to popular belief, realizations do not serve to deter us from progress; they encourage it.

I have always believed that if I were to face the truth that I constantly feared, I would fall into a dark abyss that I would never crawl out of. Although it is frightening to be ripped apart from what we convince ourselves to be true, it allows us to advance on our path- whichever that may be.

That being said, allow your vision to be cleared from the fairytales you think of to make yourself happy. Open yourself up to those painful truths and use them as encouragement to keep going. Not doing so will leave you stuck in a false world, and no matter how pretty the lies may seem, they are nothing more than an obstruction on the road to your future.

 m.g. (theintrospectivepoet)